Value over price...every time

Sun 15th Apr 2012 | Sales


Even in the present climate of austerity, it is important to remember the importance of value over price.
I was involved in the tendering process on behalf of a client for the re-design of their website a few years ago. 4 agencies came in to pitch, including one of the leading agencies in the North.
A week after the presentations were made, the client and I were in the middle of the final process of selection, when I got a call from that agency.
The conversation went somewhere along the lines of, "if you haven't made your decision yet, I'd be happy to take something off the price, if that would help..."
Not those exact words but close.
I cannot remember where that agency was in the pecking order, but they immediately discounted themselves from the race, for a couple of reasons:
- the pre-empted discounting suggested that there was a large degree of 'fat' in their initial proposal
- small hint of desperation?
- the seller was ignoring the stages of selling, but also the stages of buying
- but most importantly, on offering me unsolicited discount, any value (actual or perceived) disappeared at an irreversible rate
Cost is obviously always important in the negotiation , but consider the impact that any negotiation has on value.



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