Who's place will it be in 2013?

Fri 4th May 2012 | Branding

The media cloud which followed the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster has dissolved this last few weeks. In the Titanic Quarter, there are still banners telling people that this is our year and our time, but in general its all quiet at the minute, as we await the big billboard campaign in the build up to the Irish Open, or whatever the next event is.
But as far as the Titanic celebration goes, that was some series of events - rally cars, raves, disco lights and dancing, all well organised, well managed and well delivered.
I am personally a little bit of a Titanicynic, as entitled to my opinion as everyone else, but with a concern that when the dust settles on 2012, what will be the real legacy of Titanic 2012?
How does the North go about promoting itself beyond 2012? How do we encourage those visitors to return in 2013 and beyond? How do we capture the imagination of the tourist audience with the appeal of a wet June in Silent Valley or The Sperrins, because then we will have to be about so much more than just the Titanic.
Any brand is about experience - and genuinely I hope that the 100,000s of visitors that pass through the North in 2012 have a good enough experience so that they want to come back, or at least to tell others to visit.
Each Saturday night, The National Lottery begins its weekly re-branding session, trying to convince the public that it could STILL be them. 
Here's hoping for a successful 2012 within the tourism sector (well at least Belfast and the Giants Causeway), and the energy and finance to promote the entire region in 2013 and beyond.

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