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Is tribal training good for your business?

Is tribal training good for your business?

The power of external perspective when it comes to sales training

Birdbox is an award winning studio in the heart of London who produce animated films packed with style, passion and charm.

If you are not familiar with the company itself then you maybe familiar with their work, which is all in, collectively well past 40million YouTube views.

And just like the stats, their work is pretty impressive.

One of their shorts…the one about the 2 wildebeest, crocodile and the log – has been view over 14million times.

It’s a really smart piece of work, well crafted, funny and poignant and when I saw it for the first time, it immediately made me think about a piece written by Chet Holmes in his brilliant book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”

(Ignore the title for sure but ignore the book at your peril.)

In the book, Holmes talks about the “tribal method of training” in a sales / business development setting where training is essentially information passed from one person to another by word of mouth.

There is no formal methodology, no class-room style training, no training manual and no role playing.

Just word of mouth – watch and learn, where the line between good behavior and bad behavior becomes blurred and everything is acceptable and ultimately bad behavior of the “teacher” is passed on willingly and with the blessing of the business leaders to the “student” with somewhat predictable consequences.

Just like the 2 wildebeest and the crocodile….

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