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For Sale, buying signals, never used

For Sale, buying signals, never used

I have felt both energised and antagonised by recent political developments here in the North and further afield.

The big game is taking place in the USA – we’re not even minor league here and yet despite the gap in impact, influence, outcome and ability, what has been going on here this last few years should be  of great interest locally.

Except its not – voter turn out last year was a meagre 54% with more of the same expected in the next few months.

You’d imagine that parties would be keen to galvanise as much support as they possibly could – especially those parties in opposition? (2 emails and a couple of messages on Twitter to one of the parties asking a fairly simple question was only answered only in part, eventually.)

Look at any of the websites belonging to most – if not all of the political parties and you are none the wiser. Sure you can guess the thrust of their respective manifestos but its as clear as mud when it comes to the finer detail.

One party is promising to target no less than 50 pieces of legislation, should they get in.

Wow – that’s reactionary for sure, but ultimately impossible to deliver on.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Trump did exactly that with one message that EVERYONE could understand.

It is that simple.

In business if a customer offers 3 times to buy from you and you ignore them 3 times then you don’t deserve to be in business – no matter how smart you think you are.


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