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Episode 19: The Hardy Baker

Episode 19: The Hardy Baker

“Following your passion” is the often-quoted mantra for those undecided entrepreneurs.

It can sound a bit too much like Instagram  “Monday Motivation” BS – when it comes to the pinch, you need more than passion to succeed in setting up your own business.

Laura Hardaker is the owner of The Hardy Baker, a funky little coffee shop in Donegal.

Well, Bundoran, to be precise.

Yes Bundoran – that schizo-town in Donegal, where for some it’s a world-recognised surfing destination and others it’s a slot machine paradise – check out The Lonely Planet if you don’t believe me.

The Hardy Baker is doing what good brands do – standing out for the right reasons and in this podcast, Laura tells her story and her vision for the future – the importance of quality, keeping the custom central to everything, having faith in your own ability and yes, following your passion. (Being a graduate of the Smurfit Business School helps….)

Enjoy – below on Soundcloud and on iTunes 


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