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Episode 24: In conversation with Oliver Lennon, CEO Syndeo

Episode 24: In conversation with Oliver Lennon, CEO Syndeo

The idea behind this podcast is to get close to people who have experienced starting up a business, working for themselves, motivating and leading themselves and others in business and listen to their stories and share in their experiences.

This podcast is a conversation with Oliver Lennon, current CEO of Syndeo and previously CEO of Speechstorm, one of the North’s start-up success stories.1462478

It was appropriate that the podcast was recorded at the magnificent Ormeau Baths, Belfast’s latest co-working space and entrepreneurial hub – discussing the importance of leadership, transparency, focus and the small matter of hard work.

There is much to take from this short podcast and so much more to learn from Lennon, who has a formidable track record in sales and marketing, business growth and selling out of Ireland and straight into the West Coast.

Another episode beckons…

Available here on iTunes and below on Soundcloud


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