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Learn from the professionals

Learn from the professionals

Most sales people cannot stand the sound of their own voice.

There are scientific, biological and psychological reasons that may help to assuage those anxieties but nonetheless the fact remains.

Calls may indeed be recorded for training purposes but are seldom used properly or convincingly as a learning tool for sales people.

For the sales manager there is a balance between the analysis of metrics and call ratios and monitoring quality levels, pace and tonality of calls.

Figures don’t lie but neither do recordings.

A sales coach and use call recordings to help a sales person work on:

– listening skills
– questioning techniques
– persuasion
– knowledge
– comprehension

The big challenge for the sales person is that they can ‘see beyond what they hear’ and focus on those areas of the call that fall well within their control.

The biological make up of the ear and its proximity to the mouth means that how you ‘think’ you sound and how you ‘actually’ sound will always be different.

Listening to professional speakers or broadcasters on radio, TV or podcast only further adds to the disappointment but maybe there is something to be learned from those seasonal professionals.

Ultimately, selling is about being understood – if you cannot get beyond that, then everything else is pointless.

Professional broadcasters maybe under more sever pressure than a telesales professional but they usually have a very cool, calm and collected demeanour.

They make mistakes all the time – we just don’t notice.

In advance of their broadcast, even the most seasoned professional will prepare what they are going to say and how they intend to say it.


Dramatic pausing.

They will also mostly use an autocue and if that fails they will have a script.

Producers are giving their running commentary through almost invisible earpieces.

High levels of professionalism come from high levels of preparation.

High risk.

High reward.


Repetition to improve.

In the automotive sector, sales people and service advisors have grown to hate mystery shopping for the very same reasons.

As mystery shoppers become more and more predictable in their presentation, sales people now sell to the mystery shopper needs rather than fine tuning their own style and behaviours.

Most sales people do not prepare at all for sales calls on the telephone.

With 3 likely scenarios – yes, no or not sure – there will still be plenty to prepare for in terms of:
– objections
– value demonstration
– differentiation

Each prospect and each call will bring different challenges – being prepared should be the natural resting state for a telesales professional.

The analysis of call recordings is an asset in sales coaching

Listen to learn and improve.

Hear what the prospect hears – what works what doesn’t work.

Prepare a number of ways of saying the same thing – work out which one offers the greatest impact.

Understand the power of silence.

Practice saying powerful sentences.

Change what doesn’t work into something that does.





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