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Episode 34: The MadLug Story with Dave Linton

Episode 34: The MadLug Story with Dave Linton

For me, one of the most enjoyable podcasts so far. Dave Linton is the CEO of MadLug, a brilliant story teller, telling the most remarkable brand story.

“Story telling” has become a fashionable term for marketing these days yet more often than not, the brand story is no more than an over elaborate sales pitch.



Not so with Dave and MadLug.

In podcast #17, I interviewed Park Howell, the brains behind The Business of Story and on many occasions I have referenced Randy Olsen and his book ‘Houston, we have a narrative.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey and Donald Millar¬†offer a different perspective to the art of storytelling but I’ve not seen many real life examples of brand story-telling like Dave and MadLug.

If you have an interest in marketing, brand building and doing good where it matters, then you will enjoy this podcast.

Available on iTunes and below via Soundcloud



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