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Episode 19: Declan Coyle and The Green Platform

Episode 19: Declan Coyle and The Green Platform

Delighted to have Declan Coyle on this weeks podcast. Declan is a leadership, development and transformational coach who has worked with some of the most successful teams in GAA as well as helping out John Calipari of the University of Kentucky in 2012 on their way to a championship victory.
This podcast moves from left to right, north to south and up and down – I was thinking about taking an edit to parts of it but that might take away from Declan’s flow.

The Green Platform methodology, was founded by Declan and is designed to help you identify and implement more positive choices in your personal, business or sporting life.

I got to find out the difference between emotions and feelings and to recognise that there is a split second between that ‘feeling’ and your ‘reaction’ wherein you can make better life choices.

It’s not easy – knowing how it works and knowing how to make it work are two different things.

Brimming with relevant insights and anecdotes, Declan Coyle is the epitome of ‘goodness’ and ‘humanity.’ His time is very valuable to him and his family and I am very grateful that he has taken time to guest on The Shift Control podcast.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.


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