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Episode 33; Art for the Senses. In conversation with Geralyn Mulqueen

Episode 33; Art for the Senses. In conversation with Geralyn Mulqueen

“Art washes from the soul, the dust of every day life.” Pablo Picasso

Geralyn Mulqueen is a barrister, activist, psychotherapist, writer, artist and mother.

 Geralyn Mulqueen

Geralyn Mulqueen

In this podcast, she talks about her work as a psychotherapist and how she has used art and creativity  to recover from emotional trauma, her personal experiences and her workshops, Art for the Senses, a series of workshops which bring together people who are on a journey of emotional recovery.

In previous podcasts, I have discussed Mindfulness with Frank Liddy, (Episode 8 and Episode 11) and mental health (Siobhan Docherty, CEO of AWARE Episode 29) as experts in those respective areas and Geralyn’s experience both as a psychotherapist and as an artist is complimentary to that discussion.

Interesting to note from a business perspective that the main contributor to absenteeism at work is poor mental health amongst employees.

The North is anomalous in the context of the UK and ROI, in terms of mental health and given the current political vacuum here, that landscape isn’t likely to improve for us any time soon.

Finally considering that for every £8 invested in mental health, £170 is invested in cancer research there is a clear picture that more sustained help is needed on every level.

The podcast is available here on iTunes and below on Soundcloud.



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