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Sales Training

Impactful sales training that adds real value.


Sales podcast

– Our content is tailored. to meet the specific needs of individuals and teams – there is nothing prescriptive about your business, nor ours and programmes are created to suit the needs of the sales team and high performance sales individuals.

– Understanding YOUR Value. A common challenge to most sales teams is that they don;’t fully understand what makes them different in their market place. Downloading features and benefits from a sales sheet doesn’t highlight to a customer where their pain points are nor does it accentuate the value you offer. There are often a number of blind spots which remain unseen to businesses – we help in a discovery process which helps to bring clarity of purpose and an understanding of where the value really is.

– “Sales and marketing” Business development efforts become more streamlined and effective through the sharing of market and business intelligence across BOTH sales and marketing teams. If you sell anything then you serve someone and knowledge is usually the common thread between good sales and relevant marketing.


Sales training and coaching

– Skills Development.  We work with businesses, organisations and individuals across a number of sectors whoa re bound by a desire to improve. The definition of High Performance can be as subtle as ‘doing better today what you did yesterday.” Our programmes are designed to inspire and motivate participants, regardless of their experience and position. We work closely with business owners, sales directors, managers and staff to determine what skills need improved and then how best to achieve that improvement.

– Management coaching. Our programmes cater for all needs – we work with senior management to help craft sales and business development strategies. Shift Control is currently retained by a number of Top 100 businesses specifically to work alongside senior management to help with management skills development, sales strategy, motivation and leadership. In addition we work closely with those newly appointed managers to help guide them through the challenging early stages of their new career.

– Sales skills development.  Working with senior management and business owners we write bespoke training programmes for individuals and teams, identifying areas for improvement and then setting in place a structured programme for change supported by relevant measurement tools. We offer sales training and coaching for telephone sales, business development, account management, inside sales, field sales as well as onboarding programmes for new start and recruitment activity.

– High Performance Coaching. We work closely with those teams and individuals who seek to develop skills and techniques to help achieve greater revenue targets, sales figures and business growth.

– Training, skills development and performance coaching is about attitude. It is an ongoing process – it never stops. Business is constantly moving and it is important that your sales teams are able to move with the times

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Sales mentoring and skills development

– We take your business very seriously. If you want to find out how Shift Control can help your business, please get in touch. The first discussion should take place either on the phone or ideally face to face with either the business owner or a relevant member of the senior management team. It is a small investment in your time and probably a statement of real intention, underlining the importance of delivering impactful and meaningful training programmes.

For more information on how Shift Control can add value to your business or for a no obligation, free diagnostics, please email info@shift-control.co.uk or fill in the form below.