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About Me

AS a sales training consultancy, Shift Control specialises in business growth, bringing together marketing communications, sales strategy, training and coaching to deliver growth for businesses and organisations across Ireland and the UK.

Shift Control work to combine elements of the “sales” function with the “marketing” function to deliver business improvement strategies targeting sales growth, increased customer retention and acquisition.

sales consultancy

Sales consultancy

I have a proven track record as a high-performance sales professional having worked for global brands, blue chip corporations, start-ups and have consulted with market-leading brands across Ireland and the UK.

Sales consultancy services include
– sales strategy development
– sales coaching
– sales management training
– sales management mentoring
– sales management coaching
– telephone sales training
– account management skills development
– team development
– individual skills development
– interim sales management
– sales training programmes
– online sales training

Everything is bespoke to your needs and designed to deliver quantifiable value – increased sales, profit and growth for your business

The sales training programmes are tailored to the needs of businesses, teams and individuals  – from telesales teams, customer service,  field sales to senior management level.

Thanks for getting in touch – if you need any additional information or would like to discuss in greater detail your business development and growth objectives, then please email info@shift-control.co.uk


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