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Episode 4: Creating a high performance sales culture, Noel Slane, Food Guard

Episode 4: Creating a high performance sales culture, Noel Slane, Food Guard

With myriad books available on high performance in sport and business it’s easy to get carried away applying the ‘high performance’ label to everything.

Legacy has everyone sweeping sheds and mimicking the traits of the greats (Dr john Demartini ™)

Aspirations are not to be criticised and I wish everyone well in their pursuit of perfection.

In our work we focus on performance improvement – incremental steps in the right direction for business owners, leaders, sales teams and individuals.

Growth and development is relative, based on many variables.

In this podcast I get talking to Noel Slane – Founder of the Irish Start up Food Guard with an impressive track record in sales – software and in Cyber Security.

In his previous sales management role at American Cyber ginat, OPSWAT, Noel helped develop a high performance sales team from scratch, setting up house in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone, turning Carmen into a hotbed of cyber sales.

Local references aside, it’s an impressive achievement in anyone’s sales playbook – SDR ‘boiler room / engine’ in Tyrone generating millions of dollars for the Israeli owned behemoth.

There is much to learn about sales culture, hiring the right kind of staff with shared values and a daily grind that saw the implementation of daily roleplaying, information share and creating a place where it was safe for employees to mess up.

Psychological safety, employee welfare and a nurturing culture were the cornerstones to the success of Noel and the team in Carrickmore.

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