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Episode 25: PR Smith talks SOSTAC® and Sport

Episode 25: PR Smith talks SOSTAC® and Sport

PR Smith

SOSTAC Marketing framework

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Iron Mike Tyson

Everyone “should” have a plan and if you are in marketing, business development or sales then you should be using the SOSTAC® Marketing Planning Framework.

SOSTAC® is used by business professionals globally and was voted in the Top 3 Business Models worldwide in the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll.

The architect and brains behind SOSTAC® is PR Smith, marketing consultant, mentor and coach, public speaker and author of a number of best selling digital marketing books including. Digital Marketing Excellence and SOSTAC® Guide to The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy.

Smith continues to lead the way in an incredibly dynamic landscape and is an authority on marketing strategy.

It is a genuine pleasure to have PR as a guest on the Shift Control Podcast where we discuss the origins of SOSTAC®, the easy to use framework and discover why it is so popular with marketeers throughout the world.

He makes a brilliant observation about the importance of “credibility” over “visibility” and dives into the importance of organisations communicating to their “internal” market place.

PR is also the driving force behind the brilliant not for profit initiative Great Sportsmanship Programme and he discusses the work that his local football team, Queens Park Rangers are currently engaging with throughout their local communities in West London.

For more information on PR Smith visit www.prsmith.org
For more information on SOSTAC® and the certification programmes visit www.sostac.org

PR is also speaking at a number of events in Ireland this year:
Marketing Strategy & Tactics In A Digital World
– CORK 14th -15th September
– DUBLIN 5th-6th October

The podcast is available on iTunes  here and Soundcloud below:




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