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Sales podcast Episode 31: Paul McKeever, CEO Continually

Sales podcast Episode 31: Paul McKeever, CEO Continually

Sales podcast: Episode 31: Paul McKeever, CEO Continually

The latest episode in the autumn series of The Shift Control Podcast is with Paul McKeever, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Belfast-based start up, Continually.

I first met Paul 8 years ago, as he headed up web design company, Design By Front. In the intervening time, he has been responsible for the launch of Typecast, it’s subsequent sale to American behemoth, Monotype and is now going again with Continually, an automated online sales conversion solution.

He is an exceptional story-teller and has the story to go with the skills.

In this podcast he talks about the journey from design agency to working for a large corporate and then going again with Continually.

Some great lessons for start ups or for business leaders in mature organisations.


Available here on iTunes  and on Soundcloud through the link below:

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