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Episode 7: Hugh Gilmore, cultural transformation at work

Episode 7: Hugh Gilmore, cultural transformation at work

Hugh Gilmore has spent over a decade providing sport psychology support to Olympians and Paralympians, coaches and the associated multidisciplinary teams.

He is passionate about training people in Motivational Interviewing, (MINT Member) and has also trained in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT**) at the Albert Ellis institute in NYC. (**Acronym alert)

In this podcast we discuss the broad area of building culture within teams – Hugh introduces many of the disciplines and theories that he has applied to Olympic & world class weightlifting and athletics teams.

I learnt about OAP – Observable, Achievable, Promotable – if you are changing your cultural behaviour internally does it follow the 3…is it observable? is it achievable? is it promotable?

I learnt about the difference between informal and formal culture. And I learnt about REBT – Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. Much of what we do in the sales environment is process driven but at the very core sits people – employees, customers and prospects.

I hope you find something in this episode – I always enjoy chatting with Hugh. He puts serious depth to the whole idea of culture, team building and performance improvement, fills in the gaps (where there are plenty) and leaves us maybe asking more questions of ourselves and our strategies for change.


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