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Episode 8: The UK’s most hated sales trainer

Episode 8: The UK’s most hated sales trainer

A fast paced and energetic conversation with Benjamin Dennehy – the UK’s most hated sales trainer –  the latest epode of the Shift Control Sales Podcast.

What might be considered an unconventional approach by some, Benjamin challenges some of the perspectives on sales training and what constitutes success in sales and asks some questions of both sales leaders and those who are setting out to make a career in sales.

We talk about:
– the levels of training given to sales people and the disproportionate expectation by their bosses
– the importance of recruiting for the right skills
– why we all need to hold up the mirror when it comes to managing performance improvement

✴️ Worth a listen if you are a:
– business owner ✅
– sales director ✅
– sales manager ✅
– sales executive wanting to improve your performance, make more money and have a better life ✅✅✅

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