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Nothing beats hard work

Nothing beats hard work

The world of marketing communications is harsh and very unforgiving.

Back in my day, it was called the ‘Advertising’ industry.

When I went to London to work, I remember sharing a house with two guys who had only recently finished art school and who were making their way in the world of advertising.

Starting at the very bottom as juniors in Satcchi and a start-up called Butterfield Day Devitto and Hockney.

I was in advertising sales and was working pretty much 8.15am-6.00pm and the other 2 lads were working 6.00am-12.00pm – every day.

7 days a week.

Every week.

For a salary of approx £5,000 a year.

They would come home both exhausted and exhilarated late at night and back out the next day. Falling asleep on the sofa, or the floor. Anywhere.

Never a dull moment and seemingly always working on a creative brief for clients like Nike and Honda or whoever.

Some of their work has become famous – on TV and OOH.

Not dissimilar to the story told by advertising genius Dave Trott in his recent blog piece – How to Make Luck Happen – the two guys I shared with went on to reach ECD level at different agencies and eventually run their own award winning agencies in London and in New Zealand.

It would appear that there’s no real substitute for hard work.

Enjoy the read.



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