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Sales coaching for B2B sales managers

Sales coaching for B2B sales managers

Sales coaching for B2B sales managers

With over 30 years of sales management experience, we understand the challenges faced by B2B sales managers. Achieving revenue growth, improved profitability, targeting new customers whilst keeping existing customer  is no easy feat – it requires good management skills and process to inspire any sales team. Our sales coaching programmes are designed to support and elevate B2B sales managers to help keep them inspired, focused and on top of any challenges they might face internally, from competition or the marketplace.

Why B2B Sales Managers Need Sales Coaching

B2B sales managers have a critical role in driving revenue growth for their organisation. They are responsible for leading a team of sales professionals and ensuring that they perform at their best consistently. On top of that thee is the small matter of self motivation, inspiration and staying on top emotionally and mentally.

However, achieving these goals can be easier said than done. Sales professionals of all ages and experience levels face numerous challenges in today’s highly competitive marketplace, and it’s up to the sales manager to help them overcome these challenges and achieve their targets.

Shift Control Sales Coaching is a structured process that can help B2B sales managers to develop improve their one performance and that of their team’s.

The Benefits of Sales Coaching for B2B Sales Managers

All top performers need guidance from a coach – we work with a number of sales leaders across many diverse industry sectors to help improve performance. We have a collaborative approach where we determine the important areas for growth and the key metrics. By identifying areas for improvement we can on what is needed and importantly get buy in from the management and sales team.

Coaching works most effectively when there is collective buy-in and ultimately the outcomes are dependent on a willingness to improve and to seek necessary changes to behaviours, processes, management styles, pace and energy.
Our courses are created as a result of reflection within the target organisation and an acceptance that things can improve –  not just because of current poor performance but most often because of market opportunity and as part of a growth strategy.

The Key Elements of Effective Sales Coaching

Our sales courses requires a structured approach, tailored to the specific requirements of the individual and the needs of their team. There are several key elements that B2B sales managers should consider when implementing a sales coaching program:

  1. Establishing Clear Goals: Our sales coaching courses are goal-oriented and built around clear objectives that are aligned with the managers job responsibilities and the company’s overall sales strategy. And guess what, the goals are predictably specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). (sorry…I hate these acronyms…)
  2. Providing Regular Feedback: It will be an ongoing process that provides regular feedback to the manager on their performance. This feedback should be constructive, specific, and timely, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Developing Action Plans: The programmes will involve the development of action plans that identify the specific steps the salesperson needs to take to achieve their goals. The action plans should be realistic, achievable, and aligned with the salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Ongoing Training and Development: Sales coaching should involve providing the salesperson with the training and development they need to improve their skills and knowledge. This may involve on-the-job training, coaching sessions, or formal training programs.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Sales Coaching

Implementing a sales coaching program can be challenging, and B2B sales managers may encounter several common obstacles:

  1. Lack of Time: B2B sales managers are often busy, and finding time for sales coaching can be challenging. To overcome this challenge, sales managers should prioritize coaching and schedule regular coaching sessions with their team.
  2. Resistance (or reactance) to Change: Some sales professionals may resist sales coaching, either because they don’t believe they need it or because they feel threatened by it. We have specific workshops that help the sales manager reframe their thinking and approach to this and encourage them to continue with buy in, focusing on the likely outcomes and the importance go their contributions.
  3.  Sticking to the plan. Change is uncomfortable for everyone v- the biggest threat to the success of our programmes is not sticking to the plan, regardless of the turbulence created at the different stages. Most people find the pain of staying in the comfort zone easier than the pain of change in the right direction and so it is important that everyone involved sticks to the process and the plan, robotically and with out deviation

For more information on our courses and to discuss your company needs in greater detail please email info@shift-control.co.uk  to arrange a free no-obligation diagnostics meeting where we can give you an idea of how the program might look and we will be happy to share testimonials and references.

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