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Podcast: In discussion with Luke Tyburski, ultra-extreme-endurance-adventurer

Podcast: In discussion with Luke Tyburski, ultra-extreme-endurance-adventurer

Luke Tyburski, The Ultimate Triathlon

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

My favorite quote of all time is a line from Arthur Conan-Doyle, which helps to explain away the inexplicable.

Like, what if someone told you that “some guy” (Luke Tyburski) created his own endurance event called “The Ultimate Triathlon” where “an athlete” (Luke Tyburski) would attempt to swim, cycle, run 2,000km.

Morocco to Monaco – all in 12 days…

What would you think?

Luke landed in Belfast this week, midway through the European leg of his world tour to promote the documentary The Ultimate Triathlon which, unsurprisingly, tells the story of 12 grueling days, swimming 25km through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, cycling the equivalent of Mizen-Malin-Mizen in Ireland and then finishing it of with running 2 marathons a day for 6 days.

It’s an incredible well produced documentary, bringing together Luke, his girlfriend and the owners and main sponsors of www.33shake.com.

I had the privilege and the honour to get a podcast with Luke this week (Luke has already featured as a guest on the Rich Roll and Michael Gervais shows – so I feel that I’m in seriously elevated company.)

In the studio, Luke is joined by Conor Devine, serial entrepreneur, ultra-athlete, MS survivor and good friend to Luke Tyburski.

Pic by Tim McCullough

Luke Tyburski and Conor Devine at the MAC, Belfast

Over the hour, Luke and Conor discuss how they met and how they are inspired to push themselves beyond the conventions of normality.

(Before the broadcast, I ask them both to do a grit test, taken from the Angela Duckworth book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverence. They both scored 4.6.)

This is an incredibly powerful tail of endurance, determination and purpose.

Sometimes it’s just better not to question what’s possible or impossible, rather simply listen, understand, admire and respect.

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