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Episode 2: Finance and your business

Episode 2: Finance and your business

Welcome to the second episode in a series of podcasts “Big Business Ideas for SMEs and Start-Ups”

This episode is all about making the smart decisions when it comes to finance and your business and no better person to give advice on starting up a business than someone who has done exactly that.

Add in some serious experience in property management, his current role in the GDP Partnership, and you can see why Conor Devine is on the money when it comes to giving advice to businesses – of all shapes and sizes – on finance.

I spoke with Conor last week in his City Centre office and I am delighted to share with you our conversation where Conor gives some valuable insight into the importance of making the right decisions when it comes to getting professional advice, why you need to know your business better than the back of your hand and some fashion tips, courtesy of one of the world’s most successful boxing promoters.

To follow Conor Devine, hit him up on Twitter @Conor_Devine – and feel free to share his advice….

I hope you enjoy it.

Paul McAnallen








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