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Shift Control Podcast with Gregory Bradley, BLK BOX Fitness

Shift Control Podcast with Gregory Bradley, BLK BOX Fitness

An opportune time to speak with the CEO of BLK BOX as they celebrate 10 years in business, it’s also my first vlog / podcast published on You Tube.

BLK BOX design manufacture and install leisure and fitness equipment for sporting bodies, global brands, businesses and individuals globally. They are a standout business in Irish manufacturing, growing at a significant pace – they have just moved to a new facility north of Belfast city.

Their industry had mixed fortunes over the last 2 years – e-commerce grew as they serviced those people who needed to stay fit whilst gyms were closed. The flip side was that one of their biggest customers, Pure Gym, was losing at one point, £500,000 a day.

In the podcast, Gregory talks about managing their growth over the last few years, building the team and the cultural values that binds the business together.

He gives an insight into his own character and what drives him – and his team forward.

I hope you get as much out of the podcast as I did when I recorded it.

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