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If you subscribe to one podcast…

If you subscribe to one podcast…

A great thing about podcasting is that when it’s done really well, it feels like you are eavesdropping into a personal conversation or monologue…at least that’s how it works for me.

I have been a fan of I Love Marketing for months – Dean Jackson and Joe Polish, and if you strip out their propensity to name drop “Gary Vee” “Tim Ferris” et al, then they have a great platform and deliver some seriously compelling content.Blog-CAPS-JoePolishAndDeanJackson

This morning I was listening to their show and an interview with Craig Ballentyne, who doe this own thing which is equally fascinating right here 

This morning he spoke about the 3 Cs – and I know that I am a real victim for this sort of shit but this one resonates with me more because I know he has stolen it from Epictetus, one of the stoics, of which I have only recently discovered.

So the 3 Cs:
– Control what you can
– Cope with what you can’t control (Conquer the chaos)
– Concentrate on what counts

In a world of disruption, intrusion, interruption, bombardment, it’s important to have a mechanism which helps you cope.

This might be the one.

Also from the same podcast, he mentions the 5 Pillars of Success…I know, I know, I know…too many already!!!
But in the context of that same busy lifestyle, he makes a lot of sense with:
– Precise planning and preparation
Professional accountability (I am in the middle of a search for a good coach to work with on a few things, so it makes sense to me…)
Positive social support – energisers over energy sappers all the way
Meaningful incentive ( a meaningful incentive for weight loss shouldn’t be to get into a certain waist size but to live a better quality of life)
Big Deadline…(give what ever you are doing a big deadline, easy enough, right?)

Not a bad way to start the day…


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