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Better is always possible – what are you waiting for?

Better is always possible – what are you waiting for?

Over 40 episodes into the Shift Control Podcast and I’m still finding my way.

It can be challenging – sustaining interest, retaining (and growing) audience numbers and getting the quality of production right.

It’s always going to be a work in progress for me but I have been incredibly lucky to have had some first class guests join me to share insights into their respective worlds and to help join the dots between business development, sales, marketing, motivation and high performance.

Some of the most listened to episodes have been about high performance – Anthony McGrath, who joins the Donegal Senior management team for 2018 season, gave some incredible insight into the world of sports psychology and Damien Hughes, author and professor and coach, who provided 2 back-to-back episodes on the same subject.

A much-maligned arena, sports psychology has been given a battering by pundits, experts and dickheads on both sides of the Irish Sea, yet still remains fascinating to many listeners of the show and it has become an integral part of some of the sales training programmes that I hold for businesses, individuals and teams.

It is my intention to get both Anthony and Damien back on again later in the autumn – I’m loath to use the “popular demand’ mantra, but that is simply the case.

Until then, here are the links to their podcasts, which should whet your appetite for some exciting shows in autumn.

Anthony McGrath

Damien Hughes



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