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Episode 14 – Processing the processed

Episode 14 – Processing the processed

My fixation with the current state of media is unhealthy, exacerbated by the ubiquity of commentators – and influencers – on social media whose perspective is only overshadowed by their undoubted brilliance.

Considering the quality of processed food – what’s been added and removed not so much with the aim of improving the end product, rather improving the value for the company shareholder – media has become something similar.

Sales strategy for businesses in Northern Ireland

Sales strategy for businesses in Northern Ireland

The more processed media becomes the further away it moves from truth, impartiality, fact and integrity.

That we can all make comments unfettered on social media today makes a mockery of a once great institution.

Readers and viewers became consumers who in turn became users.

Those ‘users’ create their own content, deliver their own content and more-or-less end up consuming their own content.

How did it become so?

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