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Why it’s important to develop your sales skills

Why it’s important to develop your sales skills

Make good use of your time to develop those relevant and important sales skills

If the last 4 months has taught you anything, it’s what?

To spend more time with family and the ones you love?

To spend more time in gratitude for what we already have?

To have a greater appreciation for nature?

The importance of appreciating the now?

The importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep?

How has all of that been working out for you? Are you able to keep all of those small plates spinning at the one time or are some starting to wobble.

Have you dropped / stopped any yet?

Have you reverted to as before?

Way too many questions but I am trying to make a point.

There is a great chance that the last few months will have thrown up more than a few questions to you and your family and friends. It would have been a harder journey to point your head downward, turn up the collar and keep walking all the whilst ignoring what was going around you.

Your loved ones where always there – maybe you just didn’t notice their value and importance to your life and well-being.

Being grateful for what you have has always been important – maybe you just didn’t find the time to be grateful and thankful for those much overlooked ‘small’ things in life.

Nature? How could you miss the beautiful scenery that falls almost literally at back door?

There will be a reason and it’s usually blamed on a lack of time but in real terms it’s about prioritising.

A few years ago I took a trip to London to see Dr John DeMartini – an expert in human performance. One of the many takeaways from the weekend was around how we prioritise our time. To paraphrase DeMartini, if we don’t fill our diaries with important things to do, the universe will fill it up for us with non-important things to do.

That seems to be how it works – think about this the next time you see yourself frittering hours away on Facebook.

Energy flows when the attention goes.

With this ongoing realignment of the business world it has never been more important to have a focus on what we have control over that will have the greatest impact on our lives – in this context, how we can improve our business lives.

Many people took advantage of the abundance of free time to develop skills in a new area – cooking, art, music, gardening, a new hobby, whatever…

Developing your sales skills could well be that area of your life that could bring you the most value over the coming months.

Shift Control is a sales consultancy focused on helping sales teams and individuals develop their sales skills across all levels and abilities – from director and manager level to telephone sales and field sales executives.

Low, medium or high performing sales people can always improve.

Regardless of current ability, industry sector, age or level of experience, people can improve from their current position.

With a little consistent help and experience to guide them.

To find out more about how Shift Control can add value to your business development team please email info@shift-control.co.uk.


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