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What value does the ‘human touch’ have in the sales process?

What value does the ‘human touch’ have in the sales process?

The latest podcast on sales strategy has been a long time coming. All in I have recorded 4 and published 3 sales development and sales coaching podcasts in the last 3 months.

In that time I have had up to 4 books spinning around with most of them coming close to the finishing line.

The stand out read has been the brilliant Humankind by Rutger Bregman  which kind of suggests hope and optimism for the human race despite what we have had to deal with over the last 3 months – and in light of what might lie ahead for us.

The podcast focuses on those human characteristics that will help in the development of any sales professional – graduate, telephone sales (they still exist), field sales, sales manager and sales director.

There must be some kind of measurement tool for the more human skills – KPIs for life skills – I have identified 14.

Up until recently i would have said 11.

There might well be more than 14 but it’s a good number to start with.

Sales strategy usually takes into account a numerical approach to business development but within each sales strategy, space must be made for emotional development of the individual – Bregman’s book gives an account of different historical positions on the human condition – the “humans are bad” (Hobbes) and “humans are good” (Rouseau) and for the sales person to survive over the next 6 months or 30 years it is important that they can measure, manage and fine tune those skills.

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