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Sales training for teams and individuals

Sales training for teams and individuals

Sales training for teams and individuals with Shift Control

Shift control is a business development consultancy based in Belfast and operating throughout Ireland. The company specialises in sales training courses for teams and individuals as well as mentoring and coaching programs for sales leaders who wish to improve on their sales related and management skills.

The company works with a range of organisations and individuals throughout Ireland – from large enterprise, SMEs as will as high performing individuals.

Our current client list includes a number of Top 50 organisations, mature SMEs as well as  start-ups – all from a variety of industry sectors including:
– agriculture
– automotive
– construction
– electrical wholesale
– electronics
– engineering
– leisure
– manufacturing
– waste management

Requirements for sales training typically vary from sector to sector and company to company and whilst there are some shared characteristics, we believe that training works best when it is tailored and designed specifically with the needs of the individual or the team in mind.

Based on that we don’t hold any generic/templated sessions for disparate groups – we don’t believe that it’s worth it for us or for you.

As well as that, we don’t offer courses in Microsoft Office products, Health and Safety in the Workplace, Adobe Illustrator or anything else except that content which is centred on business growth through sales training, sales coaching, sales mentoring or sales strategy and sales management.

Those courses are just as important but we try and keep our ‘main thing, the main thing,’ with a dedicated focus on sales.

If you are serious about developing the sales culture of your business and are interested in finding out how we can add value to your business development efforts then please drop us an email – info@shift-control.co.uk for a no-obligation free consultation.

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