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Episode 16 – Kevin Young from Inmynd discusses personal and organisational transformation

Episode 16 – Kevin Young from Inmynd discusses personal and organisational transformation

Changing culture in an oranisation doesn’t happen over-night.

Attitudes and behaviours within an organisation are deep rooted and change takes time.

Being adaptive, flexible and innovative are ‘ticket to entry’ behaviours for most organisations these days  – brand values need to be reflected in individual and collective behaviours. Sounds straight forward yet there is often a clash between the desire for innovation and change and the prevailing culture.

Capacity for change varies from individual to individual yet everyone wants to feel that their work is at the very least valued.

In this episode of the Shift Control Podcast, I talk to Kevin Young from Inmynd an organisation dedicated to personal and corporate transformational change.

I have known Kevin for a few years and I am delighted to get him onto the podcast and this episode should make interesting listening for those business leaders who are considering or are on the cusp of cultural change within their organisation.

It will also make great listening for those people who are going through a period of transition and feel impeded by fear and anxiety.

Kevin is very experienced in the world of high performance sales, working for a global telecoms business, has been self-employed and is currently a counsellor and therapist of the psychotherapeutic method of Compassionate Inquiry developed by Dr Gabor Maté.

There are some incredibly powerful messages across a wide range of subjects from the conscious and unconscious within the individual to the change of culture within organisations.

Many people talk about change – I find myself guilty of this – the doing is more important than the talking and the doing can be difficult.

The journey of 1000 miles doesn’t begin with the first step.

It begins with awareness of self.

Then it’s about the journey – not everyone begins the journey and certainly not many of those that do, complete the journey.

But everyone needs an instruction manual for that journey – or a guide to helps with emotional wellbeing and personal skills development.

Kevin can be reached via his website www.in-mynd.com as well as Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-young-in-mynd/detail/recent-activity/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/youinmynd/

The podcast is available here on iTunes and below on Soundcloud


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