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Episode 17:  Paul Creighton from AES Global discusses mindset and resilience

Episode 17: Paul Creighton from AES Global discusses mindset and resilience

Paul Creighton – CEO of AES Global and Sales Mentor

The latest podcast in the Shift Control podcast series features Paul Creighton, CEO of AES Global – a Tyrone based security technology business.

I had the pleasure of speaking at one of their conferences at the beginning of the year. At the time I was struck how Paul and the team were engaging with their market channel – bringing together a network of distributors and wholesalers for a sales conference in Croke Park where those attending had driven from across the country to attend.

A day away from business and 4 hours dead time in the car? Not something many entrepreneurs would recommend.

There was something about the relationships they had fostered, about the energy of the entire team and the collective focus they had on customer service.

Paul is a very progressive thinker and that is reflected in the businesses’ constant drive for new product development and at the same time making sure that their customers are kept central to everything that the business does.

And he is a sales mentor in his spare time.

I found the conversation very stimulating and interesting and I hope that you get something rom the hour long episode.

Apologies for some technology issues 3/4s of the way in.

For more information on AES Global visit www.aesglobalonline.com 

You can hit Paul up on LinkedIn here

But before you do all that, check out the podcast here on iTunes and below on Soundcloud



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