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Episode 4: In conversation @Established

Episode 4: In conversation @Established

Building a brand in Belfast

Whilst recording the 4th Episode of the Shift Control podcast, I got to spend some time in my favourite Belfast coffee shop, Established.

Opening its doors over 2 and 1/2 years ago, Established has lead the way with its unique brand experience, for the “3rd Wave” in Belfast (thanks GB), creating a stand out brand and an unrivalled brand experience in the city’s thriving Cathedral Quarter.

And it’s not just for hipsters either – just check out the queues throughout the week and especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and you will see that it has a broad appeal.

In conversation at Established - hard work really does pay off

In conversation at Established – hard work really does pay of

Listening to Mark and Bridgeen talk about their journey, you get a real feel for what it takes to grow a business in an ultra-competitive market – how you can stand out for all the right reasons – the passion, the vision, the attention to detail and the hard work.

Lots and lots of hard work.




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