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Episode 6: Have I got your attention now – sales training tips.

Episode 6: Have I got your attention now – sales training tips.

Sales Training tips from the movies.

One of the most overused sales training clips sits within one of the most underrated movies of all time.

The 1992 David Mamet classic will always sit in my top 100 All Time favourite movies – not because of the sales coaching clip, even though Baldwin is majestic – as are the other cast members.

The movie from start to finish replicates an earlier time in my sales career when it was all high pressure, dark offices, maybe not so much of the incessant rain but certainly reminiscent of the dank atmosphere at the Mallow Street offices of Metropolitan Magazine.

Yeah, that magazine you’ve never heard of.

This episode of the podcast references the movie and Baldwin but only because of the perfected acting performance and how I believe that level of rehearsal and training to have a place in the role of a high performing sales person.

(When I say, ‘High Performing’ I am referring to those who are in search of improvement – not elite £150,000 per year sales performers but those who are focused on getting better.)


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