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What is the right kind of sales training course for your business?

What is the right kind of sales training course for your business?

Sales training courses in Belfast

Since the start of 2020, I have held a number of training courses throughout the country – mainly in the north. Some of those programmes have been with new clients others are on going projects with clients that I have been working with over a number of years.

The diversity of business type, industry sector, experience of the individual or team allied to the needs and demands of the company means that each sales training, sales coaching or consultation session must be tailored to meet the specific demands of each company.

There is no doubt that there are many training modules that could be applied to each business but that’s not how we work best with our clients and why we do not hold training courses for individuals from multiple companies, organisations or businesses.

Other sales training companies may well offer those courses and indeed some companies might feel that these sales training courses are beneficial in delivering taster or refresher courses.

Sales training courses aligned to the culture of your business 

We firmly believe that training should be seen as part of the culture of the business rather than a luxury or an exercise in occasional CPD.

Sales training courses work best when they are tailored to meet the specific needs of those companies not only keen to invest in their people but those who understand the importance of an external perspective.

Despite all those well documented advancements in technology success in the future will not be centred around AI and machine learning but rather an ability for businesses to integrate those technologies into their business development activities and to continually offer training support to those humans who will remain integral to everything.

Sales training like sports training

One of the most common metaphors for sales training is sport – particularly when it comes to improving performance.

Whilst it might be common to see various sports represented in your local gym on a Saturday afternoon it is more likely that those individuals and teams serious about improvement, train together behind closed doors.

A good sales training  course should be based on strategy, delivered as part of the cultural narrative and in line with those behaviours consistent with brand values.

Part of what makes the Shift Control training course different is our integration with the sales teams and management teams that we work with.

We work hard to understand the culture of our clients and their objectives across the short, medium and long term, building our programmes to meet the capabilities of those we train.

The training courses are usually in full day or half day formats and take place over 1-3 months. Additionally we are retained by a number of clients to support those training sessions with strategic planning and management consultancy – something that is simply not possible in group sessions with random participants.

Integrating sales training courses

Part of our job is to integrate our people and our skills into those sales teams – getting to know the people and the processes involved.

When we get the right feet of people and process it all tends to work.

To find out how your team could benefit from a bespoke sales training course, please get in touch by email info@shift-control.co.uk.


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