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The Moneyball way to evaluate sales performance – a sales podcast

The Moneyball way to evaluate sales performance – a sales podcast

Managing sales performance the Moneyball way Рa sales podcast

I write this sales blog for the latest Shift Control Sales Podcast, almost 24 hours after the 2020 Oscars were projected to billions of households.

Applause goes to Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt for their acceptance speeches which shone a light away from themselves and the sychophancy of that industry and onto the more important issues that we are having to deal with right now.

Pitt was the leading character in the 2011 Moneyball – based on the book of the same name about the MLB and specifically the Oakland Athletics and their failures v the New York Yankees.

The movie is all about the use of data analytics as an evaluation system and trying to make a team more competitive in what was then considered an unconventional method.

Same idea was used by the Boston Red Sox a few years later and subsequently, Fenway Sports who own the Red Sox, applied the same methodology to another sporting behemoth, Liverpool FC.

“What gets measured, gets done” and in sales management if you are measuring the right kind of numbers in practical and behavioural areas, then improved performance is very possible.

Of course there are other influential factors in the overall success – talent, effort, strategy, management etc…but, knowing what those important characteristics are is a pretty good starting point.

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