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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

Despite appearing almost interchangeable on many Instagram memes, there is more than a subtle difference between “inspiration” and “motivation”

Inspiration comes from within.

The word “inspiration” itself is derived from “in spirit”

When I drive through Donegal’s Lough Salt on the way to the Glen, I feel inspired.

For me it is about personal fulfilment and enlightenment and that doesn’t always equate to productivity.

Motivation is more extrinsic and often required when inspiration is lacking.

The same transposition occurs between “mentor” and “coach”

The same skills maybe occasionally involved in overlapping processes, but they are very different.

When people think of “coaching” the natural tendency is to think of sport.

Coaching is measured usually in shorter periods of time and is measured on real-time KPIs.

As I write this I think of Arsene Wenger.

History is kinder than the present to coaches and regardless of what you have achieved in the past, when your time is up, its up.

In the business context, coaching needs to be formalised and in a more rigid format than mentoring and focused on work-related scenarios.

The value in mentoring comes from the mentor’s ability to apply their learning to the needs of the mentee.

In “The Coaching Manual” Julie Starr describes coaching as “ …influencing someone’s understanding, learning, behaviour and progress.”

Coaching instils an awareness and clarity that was otherwise absent.

Businesses that seek to employ a sales coach should consider the requirements of the individual and the team before agreeing where the improvements need to be made and that three way consensus is hugely important for everyone involved.

What are the fundamental objectives?

What is the time frame?

What are the KPIs?

In the words of one of life’s greatest coaches, John Wooden:

“Never mistake activity for achievement”

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