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Sales management training – it’s not for everyone…unfortunately.

Sales management training – it’s not for everyone…unfortunately.

Sales management training – it’s not for everyone. (…unfortunately)

I remember this wise crack a few years ago, from a somewhat disillusioned marketing manager:

“What’s the difference between a sales man and a sales manager in this place?”

“4 letters.”

A jibe at the lack of sales management training and whilst the world has certainly moved on, the challenges in finding good sales people and good sales managers are greater now than ever before.

Today recruitment and retention is a problem for every organisation.

Last year gave birth to The Great Resignation with over 30million Americans deciding to move on and pursue another career.

Work life balance, technology, greater expectations from employees all contribute to  shifting employment patterns with the burden on business owners and management to make their companies more attractive places to work.

The importance of Sales Management training

Reflecting on a career where I made the transition from sales person to sales manager the one constant was the absence of any structured sales management training.

In some cases management titles were offered which suggested a leadership role but which were in reality higher profile sales roles.

The transition upward into sales management is often predicated on the idea that promotion is the logical progression for a hungry sales person or that the business need is greater at management level.

The fact that the 2 positions have little in common is often overlooked.

I was a decent sales person but without any sales management training I struggled to make the transition and those in my charge also struggled.

Promoting someone from within has many benefits; knowledge of the business, processes and people, familiarity, saving money on recruitment fees, retaining staff, the devil you know…all valid but redundant without effective sales management training.

Sales management training goes beyond sales

Sales management transcends ‘management’ – leadership, strategy, creativity, inspiring staff, visionary thinking.

Undoubtedly some can make a seamless transition from sales person to sales management but with so much at stake in the short and long term, sales management training is more than a luxury.

I’m always drawn to the ‘What if we spend money training them and they leave…’ quotation but I think it’s way too flippant.

I believe that sales coaching and mentoring is important – it’s what I do now and it’s what I could have benefited from then.

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