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Looking for a sales training company in Belfast?

Looking for a sales training company in Belfast?

Looking for a sales training company in Belfast?

According to the The Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research the average person is bombarded with well over 8,000 messages each day, of which only 12 will elicit a worthwhile interaction.

I’m no mathematician but that’s not a great conversion rate and what’s probably worse is considering the negative impact of that unsolicited bombardment.

It’s not a great time to be either a customer or a business for that matter.

Barry Schwartz (The Paradox of Choice) suggests that in today’s overwhelming world, we are more likely to ignore stuff or stick to what we have always done.

I have a made a point of trying to cut down on my social media consumption – No FaceBook for a few years now and limited access to Twitter.

That leaves Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube – as a consumer, light to medium use on all three and as a business or a sales training company in Belfast, infrequent use at best.

Finding a sales training company in Belfast

I made a search on Google and Duck Duck Go for “sales training company in Belfast” yesterday and realised the challenges facing both customers and businesses. A clutter of adverts by mainly English companies bookended a handful of other companies – some indigenous sales training companies and others from across the water.

Shift Control wasn’t on the first page nor did I expect it to be – one of the unintended consequences of a gradual removal from social media is a lowering of position on the search engines.

I have never paid for advertising for Shift Control and so I can’t say for sure how I would benefit – many of my customers run PPC campaigns and it works for them.

In truth as I searched, I was underwhelmed by what I found – not by the companies but by the process.

That’s just the way it is – you pay your money and you take your chances.

Selecting the right sales training company is a big decision that is now, rightly or wrongly, influenced by where you rank on a search engine – it’s either rank first page or bust.

Work with a sales training company in Belfast with a stand out track record

Shift Control currently doesn’t rank well on Google, Bing or DDG but we do have a strong track record in working with Top 100 organisations, SMEs, start-ups and individuals, designing and delivering bespoke programmes for all levels of sales and business development including:
– sales strategy for sales directors
– sales management and sales leadership
– field sales and account management
– business development roles

For a no-obligation and no cost consultation – and to cut through the online advertising clutter, email info@shift-control.co.uk




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