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Sales Management Training Programmes

Sales Management Training Programmes

Sales Management Training programmes

Promoting the best sales people into sales management positions can be a risk for both parties. Everyone knows that the skill set required for hitting sales targets is different to the skill set needed to deliver on a sales strategy, manage a sales team, recruit new talent etc….

The biggest mistake is appointing the best sales person in the company to a sales management position without supporting that appointment with ongoing sales management training.

I have heard it said that the difference between a bad sales man and a sales manager is 4 letters (it doesn’t work if I use “sales person…”) – the truth is that the best sales people do not make the best sales managers unless they are trained, mentored or coached into the new role.

Shift Control delivers sales management training programmes to SMEs and enterprise scale organisations throughout Ireland across a number of business sectors and industry types.

Are programmes are created specifically to meet the needs, experience and ability of the Sales Manager Designate and take into account the inherited sales team and the collective challenges they face.

Our sales management training programmes are modular in format and prepare the manager for:
– developing sales strategies
– developing and delivering on sales tactics
– performance measurement and monitoring
– recruitment and interviewing
– sales automation and the effective use of CRM and other sales technologies
– coaching for improved sales performance
– sales forecasting

Our sales management training programmes include sales training modules – in both online and face to face format – designed to improve performance of the individuals and the team collectively, identifying areas of concern and opportunity and working closely with the management to inspire and motivate the existing team.

The role of the sales manager is one of constant evolution and differs greatly from a business winning role or an account management role.

If your company is considering appointing a new sales manager from within your current sales team, there are several things to consider:
– how do you replace the sales person?
– how will the appointment impact the rest of your sales team?
– how well prepared is the sales manager designate for the new role

If you recognise some of these challenges and feel you could benefit from some sales management training then, for a free, no-obligation consultation, please get in touch by emailing info@shift-control.co.uk

Happy to share customer references and testimonials with you – also, check out some of the content on the Shift Control Podcast.



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