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Understanding brand value as part of your sales strategy

Understanding brand value as part of your sales strategy

When sales strategy meets marketing strategy 

One of the biggest problems faced by SMEs in business development is not a lack of sales ability within their teams but more a lack of clarity when it comes to brand message and value.

Shift Control is a business improvement consultancy, brining together the 2 disciplines of sales and marketing to help small businesses grow sales, increase customer retention and improve the customer brand experience.

We take a strategic approach to business development, overlaying marketing communications and sales training to help develop clear customer value propositions and to help sales teams effectively communicate that value.

The problems encountered by sales teams and individuals throughout Ireland are consistent:
– clarity of brand message across all stakeholders
– lack of a dynamic and consistent sales process
– low customer retention rates
– lack of motivation amongst staff
– lack of focus on long term client relationships

Working SMEs and individuals across a number of business sectors, Shift Control offers bespoke training and support throughout your business – from trainee to SEO and from telesales executive to CMO.

For more information on how we can support your business development activities, in the first instance, please email info@shift-control.co.uk


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