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Do you want to improve your basic sales skills?

Do you want to improve your basic sales skills?

Want to improve your sales skills? Read this first

I’m not going to lie – it isn’t easy getting content together that both resonates and adds value to the optimisation strategy.

Last night I had a review of all my web content courtesy of those guys at PicRights (more of them later) and I noticed that recently much of my written content has mainly satisfied my SEO ambitions rather than getting across the kind of work that SHiFT Control does or the types of business we work with, why we are different etc…

What I have noticed is that my ranking for certain keywords has improved over the last few months – regular posts, mixing up the content, targeted key phrases etc…all of that seems to have made a difference.

What I haven’t noticed is an uptake in lead generation or inquiries from emails or calls – it has all been fairly steady over the last few years. Not a great return on the time and effort it takes to create content.

Something to think about in the middle of your own business development efforts no doubt – I get frustrated and disillusioned when I see the advertising on the search engine home pages promoting sales training and coaching companies from England, giving the impression that they have a presence in the north or that they have done work here for clients.

They haven’t and they don’t.

Advertiser after advertiser listing their services from England, clustering sales training courses alongside training on XL and Health and Safety.

It says a lot about how sales training is perceived, sat alongside other training courses on subjects that bear no relevance to business development or sales growth or performance improvement.

Says a lot about Google algorithms too.

It’s not easy for the smaller companies to promote their services when they get tsunami’d by the larger corporations – in any sector not just services.

Anyway, it’s been a good reminder for me – a bit of a wake up call – make the content relevant first and optimse later.

The work we do is all about performance improvement in a sales or business development environment.

That can mean many things – looking at the sales process, understanding recruitment, employee value proposition, company culture, marketing and sales messages – or simply an analysis of the basic sales skills required to do the job well and levelling up from there.

If the basics aren’t there, it’s impossible to improve performance.

What are the basic sales skills required?

We offer bespoke sales skills programmes across all areas of selling: relationship building, emotional intelligence, negation, overcoming objections, persuasion, social selling, story building and story telling, emphatic listening…

The stuff they should be teaching at school but don’t.

If you want a free, no-obligation consultation or diagnostics of your current sales team – or if you’re an individual looking for improvement, then get in touch – drop us an email and we can set up an initial chat.


Thanks for reading.


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