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How good is your story?

How good is your story?

Turning your sales presentation into a great story.

I have always considered that ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ work best together and whilst it is often not the way that a great number of businesses chose to operate, for me it’s like following the path of least resistance.

Combining “sales and marketing” activities strategically is not only beneficial for business development teams but also for the customer or consumers.

Information is more accurate, it flows better and typically the decision is made faster…consider marketing  as the art of storytelling and sales as the art of persuasion.

Those businesses who are only interested in the deal tend to miss the bigger picture and the greater opportunity.

Storytelling is critical in relationship building, establishing trust, communicating value AND in closing the deal.

Here are some interesting perspectives – courtesy of 2 extremely valuable business development resources:
HubSpot and I Love Marketing.

This article from HubSpot should be of some value – here there is a focus on making the story interesting through making an impact, enhanced questioning technique and making your story personal and relevant.

All stories should be impactful, relevant and ask questions of the audience but that’s making it all sound way to easy – the challenge is making that come to life when you are selling HR Services, commercial vehicles or business improvement consultancy services for that matter.

In the I Love Marketing Podcast “How to Rock the Room? Victoria Labamle gives some pretty cool insights on how to deliver killer presentations. She talks about how to get out of what she calls a “Conveyor-belt mindset”…just getting stuff done against getting some really amazing stuff done.

Death by PowerPoint?

Not so – don’t blame the tools dude.

PowerPoint is one of the more durable pieces of sales tech which over 30 years or so has morphed into a slightly better version of itself – its power is evidenced in billions of boardrooms right this second, across the world.

Have a read and a look at these resources and see how you can change your story.


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