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Episode 14: Motivation, mindset and positive thinking

Making a business out of motivation, mindset and positive thinking

In this episode of the Shift Control podcast I get into a conversation with Astra McNicholl who along with husband, Al, run The Itty Bitty Book Company www.ittybittybookco.com,

The company makes books, cards, prints and wall banners with a focus on quotes and words to uplift, inspire and motivate.

Astra talks about what inspired both her and Al to jump ship, straight into a new business and some of the challenges they both faced in their new world.

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Astra McNicholl, founder of www.ittybittybookco.com

Their business is more than beautifully presented quotations – there is a sincerity and authenticity and a real sense of purpose. It is easy to become overwhelmed in todays world – especially for children, and Astra explains how a positive mindset can impact young children.

If you want to find out more about Astra, Al and the Itty Bitty Book Club, then visit www.ittybittybookco.com or follow them on Twitter ‪@IttyBittyBookCo

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