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Shift Your bias – a sales podcast

Shift Your bias – a sales podcast

Shifting your bias: A Sales Podcast

In a White House press briefing in 2002, the then Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld uttered the immortal words about ‘known knowns and unknown knowns.’

Ridiculed by the attendant media, Rumsfeld was pretty much spot on.

What he was referencing was the Johari Window – a psychological technique which helps people better understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.sales podcast

A technique that makes as much sense in the world of sales and business development as it does in the world of US Defence.

The technique focuses on what is known / unknown to the individual and also known / unknown to others, referenced as the ARENA, BLINDSHOT, FAÇADE AND UNKNOWN.

In the context of sales, there is a tendency to focus on the ‘self” – where the ‘self’ is the position of the business and also the position of the seller.

This episode of the podcast focuses on the ‘blind spot’ that we all have – as the individual and as the business, relating to those conscious and unconscious biases that we have all accumulated as we grow.

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