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Episode 3: Kevin Young & compassionate Inquiry

Episode 3: Kevin Young & compassionate Inquiry

Recent research suggests that absenteeism at work through stress and mental health related issues costs UK employers around £70 Billion a year.

More from MarketWatch  a few weeks ago suggested that the Workplace Stress Management Market was valued at approximately USD 7.00 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to grow at a rate of more than 8.5 % between now and 2027.

This research along with the current strain in employee recruitment & retention makes conversations about employee welfare unavoidable if you are a business owner or a leader of people.

Kevin Young, a facilitator and counsellor in Compassionate Inquiry joins me on this episode of the @shiftcontrol podcast to talk about his work coaching individuals, teams and organisations across the globe.

He shares his vast experience in sales environments and the corporate word as well as his time running his own business.

We talk about:

  • Valuing the employee and customers ✅
  • Creating a culture that works for your business✅
  • Compassionate Inquiry and his work with Dr Gabor Maté✅
  • Compassion for oneself✅

Kevin is also hosting residential retreat at the end of June (24th – 26th June) in Strangford, Co Down…more details on the retreat and Kevin’s work at www.in-mynd.com

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