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A week in the life…

A week in the life…

Last week was a busy one for me with enough variety to remind me that I’m actually very lucky doing what I do.

Diversity is hugely important and whilst you don’t always get what you want, and when you want it, it always helps to have a client list taken from across a number of different industry sectors – all with different needs

Starting of with a fund-raising presentation to local businesses and politicians on Monday, I followed up with a meeting on Tuesday with the Head of Sales for one of Irelands largest food producers.

Perspective is important and as a sales coach it is important to understand fully the role of the buyer in the process – especially when those buyers happen to work for some of the largest food multiples.

On Wednesday I interviewed for a part-time lecturers position.

That was awkward.

I hadn’t been in an interview situation for over 12 years and pitching to a client is one thing – sitting opposite a 3-person interview panel is an entirely different thing.

You always try and prepare for any meeting but with an interview, without knowing the questions, it is really difficult to prepare.

It must have shown – 15 minutes of hell – for all of us!

Then onto a business lunch at the offices of InvestNI with the Belfast Chapter of Lean In – a movement founded by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, subsequent to the publication of her book of the same name, encouraging women to lean into their ambitions.

The Belfast chapter boasts more than 300 members from all walks of life, campaigning for gender equality in the workplace and offering individuals the opportunity to learn and grow together through peer support on and off line. Totally funded by good will, the chapter organises monthly events focused on helping members to be the best versions of themselves.

On my feet...

On my feet…

In his book, “The 8 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey talks about the journey from dependence as a child through independence and into a state of inter-dependence in order to flourish as an individual.

Napoleon Hill, in his multi-million best seller “Think and Grow Rich” he makes the same argument of a need to create a mastermind group.

It’s a great idea.

The Lean In Belfast Chapter, has grown dynamically under the guidance of Nuala Murphy, an entrepreneur, marketer, serial networker and connector and there were 30 + business professionals gathered for the seminar – jointly hosted by Una McSorley and myself.

Una is the founder and Managing Director of Marcomm and an expert in communications skills, development and executive coaching.

From her brilliant session on communication styles, I was able to deduce that I am in fact a monkey.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only monkey amongst the dolphins and lions but it was a very thought provoking session indeed.

All in, it was an enjoyable afternoon and I’ve no doubt that Lean In Belfast will continue to grow into an extremely valuable, rewarding and influential network. (Nuala is on her way to the USA later in the year, to meet the wider team at Lean In – a great opportunity for her, and I very much wish her well on that journey.)Lean In Belfast

For Thursday I had scheduled a series of meetings in Tyrone.

There are 156 engineering companies in the county and if those meetings were anything to go by, then the recent turmoil of Brexit is but another obstacle disguised as an opportunity.

Working in business development across Northern Ireland means no small amount of driving.

At least there are podcasts now – a much better option to local news.

Or any kind of news for that matter – I don’t follow news anymore, and that’s either making me more ignorant or more enlightened.

There are only 250,000 podcasts available online right now and over 1 billion subscribers – I usually choose from Rich Roll, Michael Gervais, Tim Ferris and a few others.

There’s some great learning to be had – the “I Love Marketing” podcast with Joe Polish is pretty awesome. (Thanks Greg!)

Friday was a series of meetings across Belfast and then back home to a letter confirming that I had been successful in my interview.


It’s a great chance for me to learn, improve my presentation skills but importantly coach and teach, which is really why I love doing what I’m doing anyway.

Not a bad week at all – time for more of the same!



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