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Episode 5: In conversation with professional story-teller Jonny Willox

Episode 5: In conversation with professional story-teller Jonny Willox

It’s fashionable to talk about ‘brand storytelling’ but how many businesses actually succeed at communicating their business/brand narrative either through websites, marketing collateral or sales pitches?

Jonny Willox is a student of English Language, professional story teller, dramatist and actor.

He recently launched his first book into the children’s book market with The Hairy Fairy.

No tenuous link to business here – far from it.



Jonny discusses his journey to becoming a published author with another 4 works in the pipeline.

He discusses the challenges faced writing to multiple audiences – parent and child.

He discusses writing structure, knowing and respecting your audience, the pace of writing and so much more but all of it relevant to your work as a business owner, sales leader or sales executive.

Another takeaway is the importance of repetition – writing all the time, embracing mistakes and failures but having the resilience to keep moving.


Storytelling, regardless of audience takes practice, patience, resilience, movement, focus, clarity and and and and

Your web content? Your sales pitch? Your case studies? You need to have belief in the story before you can expect the audience to trust it.

Is your brand story as polished as it could be?


The Hairy Fairy book can be bought here

The Podcast is available right here:





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