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Sales Podcast – the 2020 series

Sales Podcast – the 2020 series

Shift Control Sales Podcast

There was almost a year gap from my last sales podcast in 2019 to the new series of 2020 sales podcasts.

Getting really interesting guests on the podcast can be difficult – I spoke with a guy I know who runs a podcast and he has a schedule in place for 18 months ahead, which is amazing.

For me the podcast is a channel for expression as much as it is a platform for other guests but I am hoping to bring some company to the 2020 series later in the spring – I hope that I can get Damian Hughes back on again. He has such a breadth and depth of knowledge surrounding the area of high performance in sport and his delivery is second to none.

I have produced 4 short podcasts so far this year with the most recent one focusing on some of the good things that I encountered this week through interactions with customers and also a little but on the difference between high performance athletes and high performance sales.

I hope you enjoy the episodes and as always I would welcome feedback and questions and comments.


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