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Episode 18: In conversation with Hugh Gilmore

Episode 18: In conversation with Hugh Gilmore

Shift Control sales podcast – Hugh Gilmore

When meeting with prospective clients, rather than list the full range of services we offer, we often talk about the outcomes and consequences that our sales training programmes result in.

Collaborative training programmes work best when there is a shared vision between us and our partners.Hugh Gilmore

The common theme amongst all of our current sales training and coaching projects is the desire to improve performance.

Often it can our work can focus on sales strategy, process or technology but more recently the focus has been on improved performance and skills development amongst teams and with two high performing sales individuals.

Sports is a great test laboratory for high performance and individual improvement and for this episode of the Shift Control podcast I am delighted to welcome Hugh Gilmore, Sports Psychologist to British Weightlifting and Athletics.

I had first met Hugh when we had different roles supporting the Queen’s University Sigerson team in 2014.

In the podcast, we discuss a range of issues pertinent to developing culture within teams – Hugh sites the cultural transformation within British Weightlifting as an example of how teams can work together under a clear and agreed vision to produce an environment conducive to individual growth.

We had 2 attempts at recording the podcast and had spent nearly 2 hours discussing what we should talk about – interesting and stimulating and very relevant if you are trying to create the right kind of culture for your business.

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